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Assault charges can be scary and threaten your quality of life. Being accused of a violent crime under the law can have consequences that follow you for years, including a criminal record, heavy fines, and restrictions on what jobs you are qualified to apply to. No one wants to face those life changes alone.


At Saller, Lord, Ernstberger & Insley, our assault attorneys in Baltimore, MD help you with your defense. We fight tirelessly for your rights and advocate for your future. You may hear talks of first degree assault, second degree assault, committing a violent crime, and more. We make the legalese make sense and fight for you.


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What is Assault Under Maryland Law

Assault under Maryland law is both assault and battery. You may hear “First Degree Assault” or “Second Degree Assault” as your assault charge.


First Degree Assault is a more serious crime than second degree assault. First degree assault in Maryland is a serious assault charge that states:

  • You intentionally caused, or tried to cause, serious physical injury to another person; serious injury is defined as severe enough to be life-threatening or cause a disability or disfigurement
  • You committed any type of assault with a firearm, including creating a fear of imminent harmful contact


First degree assault charges may carry a felony conviction if found guilty. You will be labeled as a convicted felon and may face up to 25 years in prison. Assault defense lawyers in Baltimore, MD will help you navigate this charge and review all evidence to help fight your case and protect your future.

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Second Degree Assault in Maryland is any assault crime that is seen as less than those outlined in a first degree assault charge. Second degree assault may be physical harm, the threat of physical harm, or the intent to cause fear.


Second degree assault charges are often convicted as a misdemeanor, with possibilities of up to 10 years in prison and/or fines up to $2,500. Some second degree assaults are considered felonies, most specifically if you injured a person known to be law enforcement; these convictions can carry higher fines up to $5,000 and the risk of up to 10 years in prison.


You can still be charged with second degree assault even if you did not physically harm another person but instead attempted to cause harm or implied the threat of physical harm to cause fear. You will need an assault defense lawyer in Baltimore even if you do not hurt another person.


Examples of Second Degree Assault in Baltimore:

  • Punching, slapping, or grabbing
  • Thrown objects
  • Lunging or swinging
  • Threats with weapons
  • Attempts at physical harm, ie missed punches or thrown objects that did not hit
  • Bar fights, fights at sports games, domestic violence, assault in the workplace


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Assault Defense Strategies

Baltimore assault lawyers at Saller Law can help you fight your assault charges. We have experience working with those accused of both first degree and second degree assault in Baltimore. We work to review all evidence, make your case, and defend your future.


Our extensive knowledge of Maryland law helps us to apply the best defense strategy to your case. We analyze the circumstances surrounding the assault and will work to get you the best outcome. Our Baltimore assault defense lawyers work for you to ensure you are given the best chance in court.

  • Review all evidence and alibis
  • Defense of yourself or others
  • Defense of home property
  • Consent to the touching, ie pranks
  • Self defense due to fear of imminent harm
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Criminal Defense Law is our primary focus. We understand the intricacies of criminal defense to help you avoid heavy fines, jail time, and felony convictions.

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Going through assault charges alone can be intimidating and hard to understand. We give expert legal advice on how to best handle your case.


During your free consult, we’ll refer you to cases similar to yours that we’ve won. We are a top rated criminal law firm based on our experience and dedication.


We help you get the best outcome for your case. Don’t be left wondering if there was something you could have done differently.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The fees for retaining a lawyer for assault defense vary based on each law firm. During your free consult, our Baltimore assault lawyers will let you know our fees, expected timeline, and how much it will cost for our representation.

Even though second degree assault is not severe as a first degree assault charge, you will want to work with a lawyer for second degree assault charges in Baltimore. Second degree assault can still result in large fines or possible jail time, with a guilty conviction on your record.

Criminal lawyers are who you want as your assault defense attorneys in Baltimore. Criminal lawyers understand the laws around criminal cases, reputable defense strategies, and how to properly examine evidence for defense.