DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland

DUI Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

If you have been charged with a DUI in Baltimore, you need to get in touch with a local DUI lawyer to discuss your rights immediately. You might not realize it, but in Maryland, a DUI is a crime and not just a traffic citation, and you can be convicted of a felony depending on the severity of your accident. 


Most people do not take the matter as seriously as they should when first charged with a DUI offense in Baltimore. A DUI can be life-altering even with your first offense. You could be facing fines, loss of license, huge insurance premiums, and even jail time. This is why it is critical to work with experienced DUI defense attorneys in Baltimore. At Saller Law, we work to protect your rights. 

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How Saller Law Handles DUI Charges

Case Details

At Saller Law, we consider all aspects of your case to help strengthen your defense. The details of the traffic stop, the state of your vehicle, what laws were used for stopping, and more. We protect your rights at every turn.

Client History

If it’s your first DUI charge, we work to defend your character and reduce your charges – no one should pay for a small mistake. And if you’re facing your second or third DUI charge, we help to strengthen your defense and get you a proactive course of action.

Evidence and Documents

We have some of the DUI defense attorneys in Baltimore, who examine all evidence and documentation. We refer back to previous cases, call in expert witnesses, and use hard data to help you in your case.

Looking at Your Future

It’s not just about a DUI charge – it’s about your future. We help you navigate what will happen if you need to tell employers about a DUI charge, how to manage an interlock system, and help to reduce insurance rates. We don’t only care about the now – we also care about what is ahead for you.

Looking for an Experienced Drunk Driving Attorney in Baltimore?

DUI laws can be complex for those who are not familiar with DUI defense. Law enforcement has strict protocols they must follow to ensure your rights are protected, and if these protocols are not followed, it could void your DUI charge. 


An experienced Baltimore drunk driving lawyer can ensure your rights were protected from the time you were pulled over through your arrest. At Saller Law, we discuss your rights, gather witness testimony, review evidence, and explore the law to the fullest extend to protect you. 


A DUI on your record will not only cost you your license in Maryland, but it can lead to more severe punishments. A DUI will show on your record for a minimum of 10 years, including every background check that is ran. That means every scholarship, job interview, and job screening will be able to see your DUI charges — don’t let the future get away from you, protect your prospects by contact us today

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What Affects Your DUI/DWI Charge

Many people don’t know what is considered driving under the influence in Maryland. This can lead to surprise DUI arrests and complex emotions while trying to fight a very serious charge.


At Saller Law, our DUI defense attorneys in Baltimore don’t just help to fight your charges, we help to educate on what is considered a DUI in Baltimore.


In Maryland, all of these elements play into what could be a DUI charge in Baltimore and how severe the charges may be:

  • Was your car engine on or off
  • Were you in the driver’s seat
  • Was the key in the ignition
  • Were you parked on the side of the road or in a legal parking spot
  • Were you asleep in the vehicle
  • Where the keys were located
  • Were your headlights on or off
  • Was a minor present
  • Did you submit a breathalyzer test
  • Did you complete a sobriety field test
  • Did you take a blood test for your BAC level


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Public Defenders vs DUI Defense Lawyers in Baltimore

When you’re arrested for a DUI in Baltimore, you will be offered the option of a public defender to help you with your case. There are pros and cons to working with public defenders vs a DUI attorney in Baltimore to handle your case.


Public defenders are a free option for those charged with a DUI in Baltimore. They represent you and are appointed by the state to review your case. Throughout your case, you may see more than one public defender and will not have the option you pick your public defender. While public defenders are experienced lawyers with the credentials to handle DUI cases, they often have less time to give to their clients, need to prioritize different cases, and have fewer resources for defense to utilize.


Private DUI defense attorneys, like the lawyers at Saller Law, however, are able to offer one-on-one assistance during your DUI charge. You can meet with several private DUI lawyers to select the law firm you want to work with. You pay for your private DUI attorney out of your pocket.


DUI lawyers from private law firms are able to focus solely on your case, prioritize time to meet and consult as often as needed, and pull from multiple resources to strengthen your defense. You have a trusted resource to help you financially and emotionally as you work through your DUI charge with a private DUI defense attorney.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Drunk Driving Attorney in Baltimore

Many people are put off by the idea of hiring a drunk driving lawyer in Baltimore because they fear they can’t afford the cost of a DUI defense lawyer. At Saller Law, we work to make our services affordable.


We offer a free consultation to discuss your case, hear the details, and review your history. Then we can review rates and fees based on your case to help you fight your DUI charge.


In general, DUI lawyers in Baltimore can cost between $1,500 and $5,000, depending on your history and the details of the case. Law firms may or may not offer payment plans and this is all covered in our one-on-one free consultation, no commitment needed.


You can’t afford not to have representation following a DUI charge – with professional legal guidance, your investment in a drunk driving attorney in Baltimore can help you avoid losing your license, heavy fines, jail time, felony charges, rising insurance rates, and more.


Protect your future – schedule a free consult with a DUI attorney in Baltimore.

What Happens After a DUI Charge

Getting in touch with one of the Baltimore DUI defense lawyers should be your main focus following a DUI charge. The following weeks and months will consist of court summons, DUI classes, plea deal options, rising insurance rates, and more.


If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Baltimore, you could be looking at large fines or even jail time. It’s critical to meet with a lawyer for a free DUI consult as soon as possible to discuss your options and to know what will happen next.


Many people charged with a DUI have to navigate both the criminal court and the traffic court system. You will need to defend yourself, reduce license points, pay fines, and hopefully argue against jail time. Classes, interlock systems, and more will all be mentioned. There are costs and scheduling considerations for both of these that drivers must be aware of.


At Saller Law, our DUI lawyers help to explain your responsibilities following a DUI charge. There will be court appearances, testimonies, and more. The goal is to reduce your charges as much as possible, but being aware of all possibilities is important to prepare for any outcome.


If found guilty of a DUI charge in Baltimore, you need to be aware of a few possibilities:

  • Installing an interlock system on your vehicle
  • Paying for the upkeep and use of the interlock system
  • Attending all scheduled appointments for the interlock system
  • Paying any associated fines with your DUI charge
  • Incurring a rise in insurance rates due to point accumulation
  • Shopping for new insurance coverage
  • Explaining to possible new employers or educational organizations the DUI history

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Looking to save thousands in fines and insurance fees? Talk to a DUI defense lawyer in Baltimore today at Saller Law. Our experienced DUI lawyers have many tools to help you avoid long-term consequences like loss of license, DUI charges on your background checks, high insurance premiums, interlock devices, and more.

Our DUI attorneys are one of the most experienced in the Baltimore, MD area. We take the time to go through your case to make sure your rights were protected during your arrest. We have years of experience with the first time DUI cases, repeat DUI offenders, DUI manslaughter, DUI reckless endangerment, and drug-related DUIs. We will explore all of your defense options to ensure you are getting the protection you deserve.

There is too much at risk when facing a DUI. At Saller, Lord, Ernstberger, & Insley, we understand and will work tirelessly for you. Our meticulous attention to detail on your case, along with our years of experience and knowledge of the law, will provide the best possible outcome for you.


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Drunk Driving FAQ

A DUI conviction in Maryland can lead to fines, license suspension or revocation, mandatory alcohol education programs, community service, probation, and even jail time, especially for repeat offenses. First time offenses are not promised leniency and it is wise to speak with a DUI defense lawyer ASAP following an arrest. 

In many jurisdictions, you have the right to refuse these tests, but there can be consequences such as automatic license suspension. However, refusal may also limit the evidence against you in court. Always consult with a lawyer following a DUI arrest to get the best protection possible. 

A DUI defense lawyer can assess your case, challenge evidence, negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or penalties, represent you in court, and ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal process. It is unwise to represent yourself following a DUI charge as experience DUI lawyers can better argue for your innocence or reduced charges. 

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible to negotiate with prosecutors for a plea deal to lesser charges or to challenge the evidence against you in court, potentially leading to a dismissal or acquittal. Your DUI defense lawyer can help outline possible reduced charges you may accept instead as part of your free consult meeting

The cost for a DUI lawyer can vary depending on factors like the the complexity of your case and your history. At Saller Law, we offer a free consult meeting so you can discuss your case with us and come away with clear expectations. 

DUI laws can be different from state to state, but an experienced Baltimore DUI lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and represent you effectively regardless of your residency. It’s crucial to address the charges promptly, as they can have implications in your home state as well. 

Maryland Stats on DUIs and DWIs

18,160 people were arrested for driving under the influence in 2019

Source: responsibility.org

There were 167 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2019

Source: responsibility.org

There has been a 4% rise in alcohol-impaired driving fatalities since 2009 and 2019

Source: responsibility.org

Impaired driving fatality rates have increased between 9aM and 3pM on weekends due to brunches and tailgating events

Source: zerodeathsmd.gov

3 out of 10 impaired drivers are 20-29 years old

Source: zerodeathsmd.gov

80% of all impaired driving crashes happen in Baltimore and Washington metro areas

Source: zerodeathsmd.gov