Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Law

Navigating personal injury or criminal defense laws can be difficult, and you may be wondering where to even begin when you think you need a lawyer.


We’ve put together some of our most commonly asked questions to assist you during this time. As always, contact us directly with any questions regarding your specific case, and we will be happy to assist you in moving forward in the right direction to receive a positive outcome.

How to Hire a Drug Crimes Lawyer?

Search for experienced lawyers in your area who specialize in drug defense or drug crime practice. Check their reviews and client testimonials. Call to arrange a free consultation with a few law firms or attornies, and ensure they understand the parameters of your case and what you need specifically. When you find a lawyer you are comfortable and confident working with, provide them their retainer fee to represent you.

What to do After a Truck Accident in Baltimore?

If there are major injuries, do not move vehicles and immediately dial 911 to get medical assistance. Gather all the information you can, including the insurance information of the truck driver, the company they work for, etc. Take photos of the damages before the vehicles are moved. Collect names and contact info of any witnesses. Do not admit fault during any conversation with anyone. Contact an experienced truck accident lawyer to handle your case.

Do You Need a Drunk Driving Attorney?

You need a drunk driving attorney if you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Even a first offense can result in a misdemeanor charge that still carries severe penalties. If this is not the first offense, or if someone was badly injured or died as a result of the accident, you will need a DUI defense lawyer to assist you with your case to achieve either dropping the charges, winning in court, or reducing the sentencing.

What is the Personal Injury Claim Process?

After receiving medical attention after a personal injury, you can contact a personal injury lawyer to file a claim. They will discuss your case and determine the liability. If eligible to be processed, the lawyer will then notify all parties of the claim’s creation. Insurance companies will be contacted, medical bills requested, and a claim for lost wages filed. Once all documents are received and reviewed, a settlement negotiation will begin. You can either settle or proceed to court if offers are unreasonable.

What Happens if I’m Partially at Fault for the Accident?

You may still be entitled to compensation depending on details of the accident. An experienced lawyer can assist with absolving you of any fault by looking at all of the facts of the accident, including the police report, videos and photos, witness statements, and more. By reducing your fault percentage you can save money from compensation owed for damages and in your insurance rates.

What Should I Expect from a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer?

An expert criminal defense attorney will be forthright with you about all possible outcomes and your ability to win; will inform you of laws that impact your case that you may not have been aware of; will fight for you every step of the way while also being realistic; will negotiate the best offer for your specific case; and will answer all of your concerns and questions.

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