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Homicide law is used to describe offences that can be charged when the defendant has caused the death of another human being. The offence charged depends upon the defendant’s mental condition and intentions at the time of committing the crime.

Manslaughter offense is the murder provoved by a sudden intense or passion when the defendant loses control. A murdur charge can be reduced to voluntary manslaughter depending upon the amount of time passed between the provocation and killing.

When facing legal troubles, finding the right homicide lawyer is a life-or-death situation for most people.

So, if you ever get involved in a homicide – make sure to contact a competent and experienced attorney to be on your side.

From gathering every bit of evidence to reviewing and forming a persuasive defense in front of a jury, the best homicide attorney at Saller Law can help you build a strong case for your homicide charges.

With years of experience as a homicide lawyer, the Baltimore Homicide Defense Attorneys at Saller, Lord, Ernstbeger and Insley curate a smart and aggressive case to help you achieve your goal at the earliest.


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Experienced Homicide Attorneys

The defense lawyers here have sound knowledge in various areas of crime.

Remember, a charged individual is innocent until proven guilty. Any criminal conviction can lead to some significant consequences including loss of freedom, the court uses proof beyond reasonable doubt (the highest burden of proof). Hence, your legal representative should have proper understanding of the case.

When determining which lawyer to select, consider the experience, case load, trial experience, referrals and consultation with the lawyers that you shortlist.

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A criminal defendant should look for a homicide lawyer with good experience in their specific area of law. For instance, someone charged with drug crime should look for a lawyer who has successfully handled similar cases. Saller Law has the most experienced murder defence attorneys for different areas of law.



The case load on a lawyer may affect his/her effectiveness in handling your case. Some criminal and DUI lawyers tend to seek as many clients as possible. As a result, their time and energy gets drained. Finding the right legal representation is crucial and takes time.

If you’re looking for lawyers that can afford enough time, attention and effort needed for a positive result – attorneys at Saller Law have got you covered.



Often, clients should know whether or not their lawyer has had a trial experience. If your lawyer is perceived as someone who will only get a plea bargain and the prosecutor is aware of this reputation, then, it may not be the best situation for you.



Consult your friends, family or acquaintances to know about specific lawyers or law firms. Referrals are one of the best ways to go about when finding a homicide defense lawyer.



Once the list of prospective lawyers is compiled, it’s great to set up a consultation to meet each lawyer.

Having a direct word with the lawyers is a great way to find out if they make the best fit or not. Prepare a list of questions, including their charges, experience in specific types of cases, general process, legal strategy and more.

Pay utmost attention to the answers. Asking meaningful questions and hearing your attorney’s answers carefully may help you understand their confidence level, expertise in the area and how concerned they are about your well-being.

The most important thing between the defendant and their lawyer is trust. Make sure to choose someone you can trust.

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Why Work With Our Homicide Lawyers

  • Develop The Best Theory Of Defense

Our defense attorney at Saller Law looks into each and every detail about the defendant’s case – charges, witness statements, law enforcement investigation, etc.

Our hands-on experience, expertise in various subject matters and in depth research about the case helps us develop an effective strategy to fight your case.

  • Fight for Right Judgement

Our lawyers are by your side, no matter what! We leave no stone unturned to fight for fair judgement to help you.

Moreover, our homicide lawyers in Baltimore believe that every individual deserves fair representation and so we put in plenty of time and effort to help each and every client.

  • Best Homicide Lawyer Near Baltimore

We are the best homicide attorney in Baltimore, MD. Our exceptional criminal case lawyers Christopher Lord and Andrew Saller are the recipients of 2020 Super Lawyers Award.

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Investigation charges

First and foremost, our lawyers look into any possible defenses to exonerate our clients of guilt. Investigation of charges also include evaluating whether the defendant is guilty or not as well as potential crime penalty.

Devise a defense plan

After investigation, our lawyers curate a defense plan for our clients. We choose the right strategy for our defense while keeping everything in mind – from the case to the defendant’s personal situation.

In case the defendant is guilty of their crimes, without any delay, our attorneys look if it’s in their client’s best interest to plead guilty to cut a deal with prosecutors. It is indispensable to weigh out all important factors before making the call and our team of attorneys understand it well.

If defendants are not guilty, our lawyers leverage all resources to build a strong case for our client.

Protect from exploitation

Case laws and procedures are quite complex. Therefore, defendants who are unaware or confused about their legal rights may get exploited. The lawyers at Saller Law keep you protected from being exploited or subjected to any unfair penalties.


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Homicide Law FAQ

A homicide lawyer specializes in defending individuals who have been accused of homicide or murder charges in the city of Baltimore. They provide legal representation, investigate the case, build a defense strategy, and advocate for their clients in court.

A homicide lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal process, protect your rights, and ensure you receive a fair trial. They will analyze the evidence, challenge the prosecution’s case, negotiate with prosecutors, and defend you vigorously in court to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you’re arrested for homicide, it’s crucial to remain silent and contact a skilled homicide lawyer immediately. Avoid speaking to law enforcement without your lawyer present, as anything you say could be used against you in court. Your lawyer will advise you on how to proceed and protect your rights.

Many homicide lawyers offer free initial consultations to discuss your case and evaluate your legal options. During the consultation, you can ask questions, discuss your situation confidentially, and determine whether the lawyer is the right fit for your needs.

A homicide attorney in Baltimore, MD, offers legal representation and defense for individuals facing homicide or murder charges in the city. They handle all aspects of the legal process, from investigation to trial, to protect their clients’ rights and achieve the best possible outcome.


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