Multiple DUI Defense Lawyers in Baltimore

Multiple DUI charges in Baltimore can carry heavy penalties for those charged as guilty. You will face fines in the thousands, possible imprisonment, loss of your license, higher insurance rates as a high risk driver, possible rehab classes, and the cost and upkeep of an ignition interlock system in some cases.


If you have been charged with multiple DUIs in Maryland, you want to reach out to a DUI lawyer as soon as possible to set up a free consult. It is important to understand what charges your facing, possible penalties, and how you can negotiate for a lighter sentence or reduced charges.


Multiple DUI charges can be intimidating, but with the right representation from experienced DUI defense lawyers in Baltimore, you can feel better about your outcome. Contact Saller Law to begin and learn more about what we can do for your case with a free consultation.


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Multiple Offense DUI Attorneys in Baltimore
Why Work with Saller Law

Saller Law is your go-to law firm for multiple DUI charges in Baltimore. Our multiple offense DUI attorneys understand the consequences of multiple DUI charges, how important your driving privileges are to you, and how to negotiate for the best outcome on your behalf. You do not need to face DUI charges alone.

Personalized Representation

We offer you personal representation throughout your case to help build the best defense. We work to understand the evidence, the situation around the arrest and charges, and any other factors. Our team focuses on helping alleviate the stress from an overwhelming charge.

Strong Defense Strategies

Saller Law’s Multiple DUI Defense Lawyers have strong defensive strategies to help represent you in court. We look at the blood alcohol tests, the situation around the arrest, how the traffic stop was conducted, and other factors that may influence the case and the legality of the charges.

Complex Legal Knowledge

Fighting multiple DUI charges in Maryland can be tricky for those inexperienced. We take a look at the whole case and use our years of knowledge and experience to help fight for your rights. Don’t leave your case to inexperienced representation.

Future Preparation

Throughout your case, we will help prepare you for your future. We look at best case scenarios, how to handle insurance and driving privileges, possible outcomes for a DUI on your permanent record, and more. It is important to feel stable moving throughout your case to handle what comes next.

Penalties for Multiple DUI Charges in Maryland

Maryland does not treat DUI charges lightly. The more DUI charges you have, the more severe the penalties for your DUI charge. It is important to understand what consequences you may be facing and how to best handle your case going forward to protect your future.


The following penalties may be faced for subsequent DUI charges in Maryland. The final outcome will come down to your personal case, lawyer negotiations, and factors surrounding the charges.

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1st DUI Charge:

• Up to $1,000 fine
• Up to one year in jail
• 12 points may be assessed against your driver’s license
• Loss of license for up to 6 months
• Possible installation and responsibility of an ignition interlock system

2nd DUI Charge:

• $2,000 fine
•Up to two years imprisonment with a five day minimum
•12 points on your license
•License revoked for up to one year
•Two DUIs in five years will require an ignition interlock after your license suspension
•Possible drug, alcohol, and rehab program enrollments

3rd DUI Charge:

• Up to $3,000 in fines
• Up to 3 years imprisonment
• Possible application of 12 license points
• Minimum jail time
• Installation and cost of ignition interlock system

Felony DUI Charge:

• Larger fines and court fees than a standard DUI
• Suspension or revocation of your license
• 12 points or more on your license, leading to loss of the license
• Installation of an ignition interlock system
• Jail time or imprisonment
• Permanent criminal record

Get a Free Consult with Multiple DUI Defense Lawyers in Baltimore

We offer free consults at Saller Law in Baltimore with our multiple DUI defense attorneys. This free consult gives us a chance to understand your case, talk about the best possible outcomes, and determine if we are the right fit for your DUI defense.

Multiple DUI charges in Maryland can be stressful and scary. Our DUI lawyers aim to help reduce the stress by managing your case and recommending the best path forward. We fight for your best possible outcome and will always be upfront about what you can face moving forward.

Don’t handle multiple DUI charges on your own – invest in our representation to protect your future.

It’s your future, fight to protect it with the help of our Baltimore DUI defense attorneys.

Multiple DUI FAQs

You should hire a lawyer for your DUI to help protect your future. A DUI lawyer will examine the evidence, determine if the charges are legal, and help negotiate for the best possible outcome. This is especially important to manage possible jail time, loss of license, and ignition interlock systems.

If your DUI carries the penalty for more than 90 days in jail, you may have the right to a jury trial for your DUI. To best determine if this is a good defensive strategy, consult with your DUI lawyer to consider the pros and cons.

Multiple DUI charges in Baltimore may result in thousands in fine, 1 to 3 years imprisonment, loss of license, higher insurance premiums, rehab classes, ignition interlock system installation, and more.