Second Offense DUI Lawyers in Baltimore


Are you facing your second DUI offense in Baltimore? Are you worried about the charges, the higher fines, and possible jail time? At Saller Law, our criminal law firm has some of the best DUI lawyers in Baltimore to help you with your charges.


In Maryland, a second offense DUI is considered with harsher penalties than your first DUI. This can be damaging to your driving privileges, financial stability, and job opportunities. To protect yourself during your second DUI charge, set up a free consult with one of our second offense DUI attorneys in Baltimore to discuss your defense options and protect your future.

Why Choose Saller Law Second Offense DUI Attorneys in Baltimore


We have extensive knowledge of not just DUI law but Maryland law and court systems to help arrange a favorable outcome in your favor


As a criminal law firm, we’ve worked on many second offense DUI charge cases in Baltimore to help negotiate a bright future for our clients


It is important to us to protect not just our reputation, but yours, so we argue on behalf of our clients for the best resolution possible


A second offense DUI is no less stressful than the first, with our attorneys you get personalized dedicated support to handle the situation


If you are looking for a second offense DUI lawyer in Baltimore, we are here to help.

Set up a free first-time consultation to discuss your case and the possible outcomes you are facing.

We will help outline your best possible course of defense and will work to get you a favorable outcome.


Penalties for a Second Offense DUI in Maryland

Unlike a first offense DUI in Maryland, a second offense DUI carries a heavier penalty. You are looking at increased fines, longer jail time, longer license suspension, and high license points that will affect your insurance rates and coverage long term.


To protect yourself from a second offense DUI charge in Baltimore, you want to work with experienced attorneys who can argue on your behalf and help reduce the charges or penalties to a more favorable outcome.


  • $2,000 fine
  • Up to two years imprisonment with a five day minimum
  • 12 points on your license
  • License revoked for up to one year
  • Two DUIs in five years will require an ignition interlock after your license suspension
  • Possible drug, alcohol, and rehab program enrollments
Second Offense DUI Charges Baltimore
Baltimore Second Offense DUI Attorneys

How a Second Offense DUI Attorney in Baltimore Can Help

Do not think that you can defend a second offense DUI charge on your own or independently. The law is complex and can be hard to argue in favor following a second DUI charge. While public defenders are available, they will not be as familiar with the case or available to offer extensive resources or times to their clients.


The second offense DUI lawyers at Saller Law in Baltimore are experienced and knowledgable at how to handle second offense DUI charges. The strategy of defense is different vs a first offense and you want to consult with lawyers who have proven experience.


Our team will look at the traffic stop, the situation regarding the arrest, any breathaluzer or blood alcohol tests, reputation outside of the traffic stop, and any other contributing factors. We help to understand your situation and argue for your rights in court.


Invest in your future and get help navigating a second offense DUI charge, MVA hearings, license points, jail time, driving privileges, and more.

It’s your future, fight to protect it with the help of our Baltimore DUI defense attorneys.

Second Offense DUI FAQ

When you get a second DUI offense in Maryland, you face a $2,000 fine, up to 2 years imprisonment, a minimum 5 days imprisonment, drug and rehab classes, an ignition interlock system, and possible license suspension up to one year.

A second DUI charge in Baltimore can cost $2,000 in fines, the fees for alcohol and drug rehab classes, court fees, maintenance costs and rental of an ignition interlock system, and higher insurance premiums.

Yes, an experienced criminal lawyer can help you navigate your second DUI charge. At Saller Law, we help you fight for the most favorable outcome that protects your rights. It is wise to get assistance to protect your future when fighting a second DUI charge.