Third Offense DUI Lawyer in Baltimore

Are you facing charges for your third DUI in Maryland? Are you worried about your license status, fines, jail time, and insurance rates? Is this your third DUI in 10 years and you are facing felony DUI charges? Saller Law can help.


Maryland takes DUI charges very seriously. If you’re facing your third DUI, especially your third DUI in 10 years, you could be facing multiple years of imprisonment, thousands in fines, high insurance rates, and losing your driver’s license.


Contact our Baltimore DUI lawyers at Saller Law for your third DUI defense. We will help to negotiate a lighter sentence and protect your rights and freedom. Set up a free consult for your third DUI in Maryland today.


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Why Work with Saller Law for Your Third DUI in Maryland

Working with experienced DUI lawyers can drastically change the outcome of your DUI hearing. You want to get representation from experienced lawyers who can fight for you. Local DUI lawyers in Baltimore will be better able to help negotiate, communicate, and use local resources to get you into classes to result in a better outcome.

Reduce Charges

Our aim at Saller Law is to help you reduce your charges when you’re facing your third DUI in Maryland. We will review all evidence, the cause for the traffic stop, breathalyzer tests, and more. We help argue on your behalf.

Negotiate License Privileges

You will have a hearing with the MVA that could apply 12 points to your license and suspend your driving privileges. We can outline different avenues to help protect your license, like interlock systems, exceptions for work or school, and rehab classes.

Protect Your Rights

Fighting a DUI charge alone can be hard if you are not aware of the full extent of your rights and privileges. Our third offense DUI lawyers in Baltimore know what you are entitled to under the law and can argue for your rights to be protected.

Plan Your Future

A third DUI charge in Maryland can impact your permanent record which will affect jobs, driving privileges, and educational opportunities. Invest in your future by hiring our lawyers to represent your case and ensure you know how to handle what comes next.

Penalties of a Third DUI in Maryland

A third DUI charge in Maryland can have heavy penalties for those convicted. You will be looking at thousands in fines, minimum jail time, high risk insurance premiums, possible loss of license, rehab classes, and more. If it is your third DUI in 10 years, you could be facing a felony DUI and having to navigate life with felony charges on your record.


It is important to get a DUI lawyer who can help review your case and argue for lighter sentencing or reduced charges. Protect your future from the heavy penalties of a third DUI charge in Maryland.


  • Up to $3,000 in fines
  • Up to 3 years imprisonment
  • Possible application of 12 license points
  • Minimum jail time
  • Installation and cost of ignition interlock system

How a Baltimore Third Offense DUI Lawyer Can Help

Unlike a first offense DUI charge or even a second offense DUI charge, a third offense DUI in Maryland shows a pattern of behavior a judge is likely to not look positively on. You will need a third offense DUI lawyer who knows how to negotiate on your behalf.

Our criminal lawyers will look at all evidence, the circumstances surrounding the stop, past history, and factors. We help set realistic outlines for your best possible outcome and work to fight for you.

Don’t let your future go to chance – work with experienced DUI lawyers to protect your rights and privileges.

It’s your future, fight to protect it with the help of our Baltimore DUI defense attorneys.

Third DUI in Maryland FAQ

Three DUI charges in Maryland can have heavy penalties, like thousands in fines and years of imprisonment. You may also face felony charges based on the details of your DUI charge and loss of driving privileges. Three DUI charges will show up on your permanent record.

In Maryland, a third DUI charge can have fines up to $3,000, up to 3 years imprisonment, minimum jail time, and an MVA hearing where 12 points may be applied to your license and driving privileges are suspended. You may also face installation and costs of an ignition interlock system, high insurance rates, and rehab classes.

After a third DUI in Maryland, you are facing heavier consequences and a loss of license along with fines and imprisonment. You may face felony charges, an ignition interlock system, and more. The more DUI charges you are found guilty of, the heavier the consequences and higher chance of losing driving privileges.