Can a Maryland Lawyer Reduce My Points After a DUI

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Getting arrested for DUI/DWI in Maryland can lead to some serious charges.

The state government takes this seriously and this can result in jail time and/or a fine. Moreover, you might receive a driver’s license suspension and be forced to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) on your vehicle for a minimum duration of six months.

However, apart from all of this, there’s one major concern that involves a DUI scenario. A DUI or a DWI can affect your privileges under the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s Points System. So, let us understand how the points system and a DUI case are interrelated to one another and can impact your driving experience.

A Maryland DUI lawyer can help you understand the consequences and impact of a DUI on your driver’s license.

How Does the Maryland Points System Work?

Pros of hiring a traffic lawyer for a traffic citationThe Maryland Motor vehicle Administration has a points system in place.

Whenever an individual violates a traffic law, the MVA adds a certain number of points to their driving record. There are a different number of points assigned to a person’s driving record by assigning a different number of points on the degree of the offense committed by the individual.

Eventually, if the person meets a certain number of points in their driving license record, it impacts their legal ability to drive on roads.

The Maryland license points for every offense may vary. Here’s an example:

  • Improper Turn or Failure to Yield = 1 point
  • Failure to Stop for a School Bus or Failure to Stop at a Red Light = 2 points
  • Driving without a Driver’s License = 5 points
  • Reckless Driving = 6 points


Similarly, speeding is also considered under the points system, and the points are allocated depending on how much over the speed limit were you actually driving.

Points System for DUI or DWI Cases

field sobriety testA drunk driving incident, which involves either driving while impaired or driving under the influence case, can add up to 12 points to your driving license in Maryland state.

When an individual is convicted of a DUI or a DWI (or any other case for that matter) violation in Maryland, the Maryland courts inform the Motor Vehicle Administration of the conviction and then the MVA applies the appropriate DUI license points.

The number of points to be added to the license is ascertained by the MVA and not the court.

The points added by the MVA remain on a driver’s license till the time they’re officially expunged by the Motor Vehicle Administration. Two years after receiving the points, these points aren’t considered ‘current’ points. However, they are still there in a person’s public record for at least three years from the date of violation.

These points are removed automatically, in the following cases:

  • If the person was not convicted for another moving violation or any other offense involving a motor vehicle during this period
  • The license of the driver in question wasn’t revoked
  • The driver wasn’t convicted of driving while being intoxicated, feeling an accident scene, or any other offense

Can a Maryland Traffic Lawyer Help?

baltimore criminal defense attorneysThe laws around driving under influence (DUI) and driving while impaired (DWI) are strict and can get very complex for the layman. This is where a DUI lawyer in Maryland can help you out.

Not only a DUI or a DWI charge adds points to your driving license but it can get very tedious with a lot of parts that are to be looked into.

It means an accident attorney can be of a lot of help during this scenario. When points are added to your license, there are three steps that one can take:

  • Accept your driver’s license being revoked
  • Contest the revocation by getting an attorney or scheduling a hearing
  • Apply for the IID Program. This means that while your license won’t be revoked, your driving activities will be restricted to necessary activities.


While a Maryland lawyer cannot directly reduce the points on your driver’s license after a DUI incident, they certainly can help you defend your case and your right to drive. 

If you feel that you have enough evidence and conviction to fight the judgment, and can defend your statement, getting a DUI lawyer can be helpful. Moreover, getting an attorney can also help you navigate the way out of this entire situation, and where can you safeguard yourself.

How Can You Remove Your Points From Your Maryland License?

witnesses during a criminal trialThere isn’t a specific process for removing your Maryland license points issued to your driving license.

The points given are removed automatically from the record after three years. However, many people tend to prefer to go to trial as it helps provide an opportunity to plead guilty and fight the DUI or DWI charges.

If the driver involved chooses to go for a trial, they’ll receive a trial notice after 15 days, helping with the details around the date and the location. In case the verdict isn’t in their favour, they have a chance to appeal after 30 days.

A driver also has a chance to be present at the waiver hearing. This gives them a chance to explain their side of the story and plead guilty with an explanation. A reduction in fees and points can be expected in this scenario. 

So, while there is no set process, fighting any DUI or DWI charge with the help of an experienced Maryland lawyer can help you retain your license and driving privileges. 

Conclusion: Getting a DUI Lawyer Might Be a Good Decision

truck accident lawyersIt must be understood that driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated isn’t a practice that should be performed.

If you find yourself to be in a case pertaining to the situation, consulting a DUI lawyer can be a good decision. This is because, while they cannot guarantee to bail you out, the entire process can get seemingly easier and more streamlined, allowing you some breathing room.

Moreover, getting a lawyer, if not completely get you out of it, can help you reduce your sentence or points allocated to your driver’s license. Hence, before stepping up in front of the court, take consultation with a criminal lawyer at Saller Law. They might even tell you whether you should go ahead for trial or not.

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