Criminal Defense Team: What You Need to Know

Criminal Defense Team: What You Need to Know

Facing criminal charges is hard and it may feel like you are never getting out of the situation. You have hundreds of things to worry about, but the good thing is you don’t have to endure it all on your own. You can get the support and help you need with professional criminal defense lawyers near you

When you or your loved ones are facing criminal charges, it is best to hire the best criminal defense lawyers to be on your side and fight your case. We breakdown all the things you need to know about criminal lawyers to get the best assistance on your criminal case in Maryland. 

What does a criminal defense team do?

When you are convicted of a criminal charge, you will be called upon to fight the case against the entire state. That’s why they say- “The state of Maryland vs. …..”. In this situation, the stakes are going to be high and one wrong move could land you in severe penalty.

The cops who have made your arrest and grilled you in the confession room will show you no mercy. They will look at you as a convict until proven otherwise. They will not show any compassion for you. If called upon, they will take the stands against you.

The job of a prosecutor is to initiate criminal proceedings against an accused. The prosecutor will represent the state and have only its best interest at heart. They will try to prove that the suspect is 100% guilty of the crime he is accused of.

The judge presiding over a criminal trial is there to decide if the accused is guilty or not, based on evidence and state law. A judge is supposed to be unbiased towards both the party. And yet, they are known for being strict in court processes and sentencing. Some of them have zero tolerance for behavior that may amount to contempt of court.

So, as a convict, you will only have your criminal defense team. The job of criminal defense attorneys is to understand you as a person and then build your case. If you are wrongfully charged, they will help you get acquitted. And if you want to plead guilty, your defense team will be your ally and help you present your case in a way that will benefit you.

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Things to consider before hiring a criminal defense attorney

Criminal defense attorneys are a necessity when it comes to a criminal trial. Because of the load of work they do and time they spend studying the case, to help you win, they come with hefty fees. Most people tend to hire a criminal defense lawyer who charges less money, but it is not the ideal move.

Conviction of a crime is serious and penalties may vary from small fines to lifetime sentencing. So, if you are found convicted of any criminal charges, it is best to hire the best criminal defense team to increase your chances of acquittal. 

Here are some things to consider before you start searching for the best criminal defense Baltimore lawyers:

Criminal Law Specialisation and Expertise:
While looking for a defense attorney, please make sure that you are hiring someone who has the expertise and experience of working as a criminal lawyer. A general lawyer will not be able to fight your case and do justice to you as best as a criminal lawyer can. A good defense lawyer should be able to explain to you the possible charges and penalties involved in your case.

Availability and Accessibility:
In a criminal trial, time is of the essence. So, you would want a lawyer who is always available and accessible when you need them. You want a lawyer who will respond to your phone calls or emails and is always available to go through the case with you. If your lawyer does not give you enough time then it could be construed as a red flag.

Past Records:
In a criminal trial, you would want a powerful and reputable criminal lawyer. Someone with stellar records that will show that you are getting your money’s worth. You would want someone who is shrewd and acts well under pressure. It is always best to find out testimonials or reviews of lawyers online before contacting them.

Negotiation Skills:
You want a defense lawyer with great negotiation skills. Great Criminal defense attorneys will know how to question the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses. They can show bias or lies about prosecution witnesses and challenge their stories. They can also question police mistakes while handling and gathering evidence. The outcome of the trial will depend on how they negotiate with the judge and jury, and present your case.

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A good criminal defense lawyer will do more than defend you. Yes, they will fight your case, but they will also make you feel seen and heard. They will show you the compassion you deserve, in case you want to plead guilty and move on with your life. Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be costly but they will make a world of difference for your case. 

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