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Are you facing drug possession charges in Maryland and not sure what to do next? Contact our Baltimore drug defense attorneys at Saller, Lord, Ernstberger & Insley.


The law is tough on drug crimes. Anyone who is looking at a drug conviction has their reputation, career, and freedom on the line. Having so much to lose makes it critical to hire a drug defense lawyer in Baltimore who is experienced in handling the aggressive prosecution of state and federal laws.


Maryland, especially, is harsh against narcotics and dangerous drug convictions. A drug conviction on your record will stay with you for the rest of your life and can affect your ability to get a job, you can lose assets, and lose your freedom. Contact us for a free consult today with one of our experienced drug attorneys to learn what defensive strategy we can use to protect your rights. 

Drug Defense Strategies To Protect Your Rights


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With years of experience as criminal lawyers, at Saller Law our drug defense attorneys are familiar with proven drug defense strategies that help to protect your rights. We look at considerations that could have led to an unlawful search and seizure or entrapment. We fight to outline how the proceedings or evidence that led to the charge were unlawful or not within your rights.

We fight to protect your rights based on lack of possession, determining the chain of custody of the evidence, or helping you into a fair plea bargain. We use expert resources and take a critical look at all evidence to ensure your rights. At Saller Law, our Baltimore drug defense attorneys don’t stop until we’ve explored every avenue to protect you and your future.


Drug Charge Attorney in Baltimore, MD

Our experienced Baltimore drug lawyers will work with you from the time of your arrest until the end of the trial. We work to ensure you have all the facts and rights available to you so that you can make the most informed decisions on your case.


To ensure that everything is done properly in the case investigation, we encourage potential clients to contact us as soon as they can following their drug charge. It does not matter if you are facing drug possession, distribution, or manufacturing charges because Saller, Lord, Ernstberger, & Insley Attorney will work tirelessly for you.

Baltimore Drug Defense Lawyers


Helping Clients with Drug Charges in Baltimore Since 2010

Our experienced drug defense attorneys are well versed in the laws surrounding seizures, searches, and affirmative links (ties) that overzealous law enforcement agents might use to illegally convict a person. We will fight to ensure your rights were not violated up to and during your arrest and will use any violations against you aggressively to fight against your current drug charge. 

Legal Experience: You always have the option to represent yourself in your drug charge case; however, our professional and experienced drug crimes lawyers will have working and up-to-date knowledge of Maryland drug law and how to best fight it for your case


Proven Defensive Strategies: Our lawyer work on drug charges all the time; we have the experience and working knowledge needed to use proven defensive strategies to help reduce your charges or have them dismissed entirely 


Protect Your Rights: Your Baltimore drug defense lawyer from Saller, Lord, Ernsteberg, and Insley will work to protect your rights fully under the law, so you’re not a victim of entrapment, wrongful charges, or any other missteps that jeopardize your freedom and reputation 


Reduce Your Penalities: Even under black and white situations where you will face a guilty drug charge, our drug attorney can help reduce the penalties you face, working in favor of lesser fines, more community service, reduced jail time, and more


Courtroom and Negotiation Experience: Working with a local Baltimore drug defense lawyer means partnering with someone who is familiar with the local courtroom system and can better negotiate with other local lawyers and judges for a favorable outcome 


Evidence Review and Expert Resources: All of our drug lawyers are familiar with reviewing and assessing evidence to see how it may be used against you, could be thrown out, or could be used in your favor; we have access to proven experts in similar fields to help review and fight for your case 


Guidance and Support: At the end of the day, your lawyer is the one you can trust to best outline what you’re facing and how to move forward; you want a dedicated team who not only fights for you but helps you in the aftermath for a successful outcome — we will always be honest with you, answer your questions, and help support you however possible through the charges 


Expungement: Our drug crimes attorney can also help you with record expungement, removing the charge from your record so you can have a fresh and clear start 


Better Future: A guilty drug conviction can impact your housing, job opportunities, educational resources, and more; your lawyer works to preserve your future at all costs and protect your rights 


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Possible Drug Charges in Maryland

The approach our Baltimore drug defense lawyers will take in your case will depend on the drug charges you’re facing. In Maryland, you can be charged with several types of drug crimes, all with varying penalties, fines, and legal implications.


  • Paraphernalia
  • Possession
  • Intent to Distribute
  • Distribution
  • Drug Trafficking


We take a look at your past criminal history and the extent of your current charges to help craft a drug defense in Maryland for you. It’s always important to be aware of what drug charges you could be facing and/or what you can reduce your drug charges down to for lesser penalities.


Paraphernalia and possession charges, especially of marijuana, are some of the most common drug charges we see. However, possession of higher-rated illegal substances and intent to distribute are worsening drug charges that are on the rise. It’s important to clearly understand your drug charge so you are prepared to understand the penalties and what defense strategies our drug defense attorneys may use.  

Penalties for Guilty Drug Charges in Baltimore, MD

If you are found guilty of a drug charge in Maryland, you are facing fines, a possible felony conviction, and possible jail time. Fines, jail time, and a felony conviction all depend on the factors leading to the charge, the final charges, past history, and more. Drug charges can carry years in jail, and/or hefty fines of thousands of dollars.


Fines can dramatically reduce financial stability, while a felony conviction can lead to years of limited resources for housing, employment, and more. Time spent in jail limits freedom, access to resources, and can alter opportunities when released.


We work to ensure our clients have a protected future that allows them the opportunity to continue to live their lives. Knowing the possible damages for a guilty charge is how we help prepare our clients with proven defense strategies. Working with an experienced drug defense attorney in Baltimore further reduces the chances of an unfavorable outcome. 

Drug Crime Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland


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Our years of experience in Maryland’s drug law courts allows us to take advantage of every possible situation during your drug possession charges. Our knowledge of the Baltimore court system along with our expert drug lawyers will ensure you have the best possible defense team at your disposal. If you’re looking for the premier drug crime lawyer or drug possession attorney in Baltimore, Give us a call today!

drug defense FAQ

Our drug defense lawyers in Baltimore handle a range of offenses, including possession, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing, and possession with intent to distribute various controlled substances. 

Yes, you can be charged with drug trafficking if you are found in possession of a large quantity of drugs, regardless of whether you intended to sell them. Intent to distribute can be inferred from factors such as the quantity of drugs, packaging materials, and other evidence.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible to negotiate with prosecutors for a reduction in charges or for alternative sentencing options, such as drug court or diversion programs. Get a consult with one of our drug defense attorneys to figure out what strategy is best for your case.

The length of time a drug offense remains on your record depends on factors such as the severity of the offense and whether you qualify for expungement under Maryland law. In some cases, certain drug offenses may be eligible for expungement after a specified period. We can help you protect your future — talk to one of our drug crimes lawyers in Baltimore today.