Top Qualities to Look for in a DUI Attorney

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Every day people get charged for DUI or driving under the influence. If you or your close ones are in a similar situation, then you will need help from a DUI attorney.

A DUI attorney will be able to provide all the legal advice you would need to handle the situation in the best possible way. Facing a judge is a challenging and nerve-racking experience, and a DUI attorney’s job is to make a strong case to make sure that you get a favorable ruling.

Why it is a Good Idea to Hire a DUI Attorney

DUI means driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Although it is a misdemeanor crime in the state of Maryland, you can still face some serious consequences if you are found convicted.

If you are convicted of DUI, then hiring a DUI attorney is a good idea. Because, DUI often leads to jail time, hefty fines, and loss of driving privileges. A DUI charge can also affect your job and credit score. So, you must have the best DUI attorney to build a strong case for you to avoid or lessen the charges.

In Maryland, if a person is found guilty of DUI, they are looking at a penalty of $500 in fine and 2 months in jail up to a $5000 fine and five years in jail. So, even though a person is allowed to self-represent in a DUI trial, it is risky to do so because they will not have the expertise and knowledge to fight their case.

In the pressure of the prosecutors, a convict may also say something detrimental to his case, and thus self-representation should be avoided at all costs.

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What to Look for in a DUI Attorney

Hiring a Baltimore DUI defence lawyer feels like a challenging task. There are a lot of attorneys or law offices out there and you should pick the one that best suits your interest. One would need to consider many things from cost to their experience before they hire a DUI attorney.

Sharp investigative skills: A great DUI attorney needs to have sharp investigative skills to study the case from every possible angle. They would have the expertise and knowledge required to unearth facts related to a case. They should also help witnesses in your favour to present their viewpoints correctly and cohesively.

Expertise in handling evidence: A good DUI defence lawyer will know how a DUI trial goes, what evidence is deemed important and how they need to be submitted. They will make sure that all legal evidence important to the case is maintained and preserved in the right way to be later presented in the trial.

Help in building a strong case: The state of Maryland prohibits drunk driving, and so the conviction of DUI often have serious consequences like heavy fine, longer jail time, loss of jobs, etc. Thus, it is important to hire a DUI attorney who can help build a strong case in your favour. A good attorney should be able to present a well-written character reference to turn the outcome in your favour.

Knowledge of the local courts: The state laws in the USA may vary and thus a lawyer from New York will have challenges in defending a DUI convict in Maryland. A local lawyer will have in-depth knowledge about the local courts and might have a good repo with the police. They will also know the judges to predict their temperament and thought process and help prepare the case accordingly.

Previous track records: If you are looking for a DUI lawyer in Maryland then it is also crucial to look at their previous track records. This data will tell you how good a lawyer is and what are their chances of winning the case. Attorneys with high success records would mean that they spend time understanding their clients, scrutinising the case, and getting the best possible results.

Great negotiating power: An experienced DUI lawyer will have expertise and knowledge in the area of traffic law. As a result, they will be in a better position to negotiate on behalf of their clients. If a judge is tough, then a good attorney will know how to handle the situation and bargain a better deal. They may suggest supplementary penalties or special court orders help secure lesser penalties for you.

Cost: It is always better to hire an attorney that you can afford to pay. Some lawyers charge more fees, while some may give discounts. While others offer their services but do not charge you anything if you dont win your case. The longer the trial goes, the more will be the cost for an attorney. So, if money is a constraint for you, choose an attorney who fits your budget.


Dealing with a DUI conviction is hard and may cause you a lot of stress. So, it is better to get all the help that you need to stand before a judge in a trial. If you seek to self-represent, the judges may harshly grill you and put you in a tough spot which will reduce the chances of a favorable ruling. The best DUI attorney will have your best interest and fight accordingly.

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