What To Look for When Hiring a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

tips for hiring a semi truck accident lawyer

Weighing more than 80,000 pounds, semi-trucks are heavy machines that come with a high responsibility on the road. So, an accident with such a truck means heavy destruction and, oftentimes, severe injuries. 

Due to their robust build, it is also a fact that during an accident between a truck and a smaller vehicle, the driver and passengers of smaller vehicles sustain more injuries. Hence, if you or your loved one is involved in a trucking accident injury caused by a semi-truck, it becomes crucial to hire a qualified semi-truck lawyer who can help you throughout the painstaking journey of a court case.

As you wonder, “who’s a trustable criminal attorney near me” for truck accidents, here are some factors that can help you decide.

What To Look For In Semi-Truck Lawyers

1) Areas of Expertise

The lawyer you select should, first and foremost, have experience in dealing with cases of personal injury. A step further to that, a case of trucking accident injury is best attended by an attorney who specializes in truck accident litigation. 

Especially because truck accident litigation is considered a specialty of tort law because fighting cases of truck accidents requires industry-specific knowledge. The attorney must have a grip on the federal laws that apply to trucking companies and truck drivers.

2) Experience with Cases of Truck Accidents

The lawyer should offer robust legal representation to truck accident victims since serious injuries are often involved in such cases. Enlisted below are reasons why semi-truck lawyers can help with truck accident cases. 

1. Truck accidents entail more severe injuries, some of which may also prove life-changing.
2. The medical bills associated with a trucking accident injury are also more expensive because of long hospitalization times and complicated treatments.
3. The insurance policy of a truck driver can be as much as 50 times higher than that of a car driver.
4. Heavier damage to your property/vehicle. Due to the sheer size of a semi-truck, the injury on impact can be destructible, causing way more damage to your property as compared to a car accident.
5. Multiple parties are involved in a truck accident. From the truck driver to the trucking company, the owner of the truck, and the company leasing the truck, a lot many entities can come into play depending upon the case and cause of the accident.

So, if you’re wondering how can I hire the best criminal attorney near me, make sure to factor in their experience in the matter.

3) Reputation as a Lawyer

See if the attorney and/or their firm have awards or recognition. Learn what their customers are saying about them. Or simply find answers to these questions. Would they be willing to fight for you passionately in court? Do they tend to put your and your family’s demands and needs before their own?

4) Resources and Accessibility

A successful semi-truck lawyer would have a strong network of investigators and witnesses who can help them with a strategic plan for winning the case. Furthermore, they would have the skill and resources to recover the highest amount of money possible from the opposing party. 

A respectable attorney should also be able to provide you with additional staff who can respond to calls and emails pertaining to the case. As you finalize a semi-truck lawyer, make sure that their team pays attention and is available for your queries round the clock.

5) Valid State License

A lawyer who works on the case of a trucking accident injury may be licensed to practice law in one or more states. If you live in Baltimore and the accident took place in Baltimore, it’s best to hire a semi-truck accident lawyers who is licensed in Baltimore and has an office in Maryland.

This is to make sure that the attorney is local and hence knows the ins and outs of trucking accident injury cases that take place in the State.

6) Legal fees

Lawyers usually charge by the hour, and most semi-truck lawyers work on a contingency basis. So, their fees are usually a percentage of the compensation you receive. In addition, you may have to bear the costs of the court filing, gathering expert witnesses, and more alone. As you finalize an attorney for your case, it is important to be aware of how your lawyer works and what their fee structure looks like. 

Sometimes, reputed semi-truck lawyers offer free case evaluations to help you evaluate whether you’ll be comfortable with them. Here, they also help you with an estimate of the compensation you deserve for the trucking accident injury. If possible, go for a free case evaluation to assess whether they are the right fit to represent you.

Looking For A Truck Lawyer In Baltimore?

Every state comes with its own regulations and challenges when dealing with truck accident cases. If you are looking for a truck accident lawyer in Baltimore, you’re at the right place. Let our expert vision, strategic plans, and go-getter attorneys help you bring justice to your case. Reach out today to discuss more trucking accident injury-related cases and how we can help you out.

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