What You Can Expect from the Best Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorneys

Many ideas may come to mind when thinking of what you should expect from a criminal defense attorney, like a high percentage of cases won and having an experienced well-rounded team on your side. You know that hiring the best criminal lawyer means you should have a high chance of winning your case, but what else does it mean?

The best criminal lawyer should be able to defend their client without bias and to the very best of their ability regardless of their stance on what the individual has done. When you need a criminal case attorney, you should feel confident working with the lawyers and like they are on your side no matter what you are up against.

Want to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job? These are just a few of the traits some of the best Baltimore criminal defense attorneys boast and that you can be on the lookout for.

Years of Experience in Criminal Defense

DUI meaning under the lawThis falls on the shoulders of the client to research and determine who is the best criminal defense attorney for their case. For instance, it’s not wise to seek the counsel of someone that handles tax law when dealing with a case that focuses on criminal violence. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix a jet engine, even if you gave them a manual to work from. When deciding who is best to represent your case it’s wise to research different law firms and make certain that you contact someone that knows the ins and outs of your particular case.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will typically possess years of experience in the courtroom and will be well-versed in criminal defense expertise. They will also have a working knowledge of several other areas of law that might intersect from time to time, creating a well-rounded wealth of knowledge. A truly experienced criminal case attorney will have the ability to defend several different cases that cover a range of offenses.

You always know you’re working with an experienced criminal defense attorney when they do not make guarantees. The best criminal defense attorneys know to not make promises they can’t keep. While a bad attorney might build up a client’s confidence by stating an over-confidence in a positive outcome, a wise attorney will make you aware of what could and might happen as it pertains to the case proceedings, stating both negative and positive outcomes.

Competence & Communication is the Make of the Best Criminal Lawyer

DUI convictions during an interviewBaltimore criminal defense attorneys are expected to conduct themselves in a confident and competent manner that will afford their clients the best possible defense. The best criminal defense attorneys are those that are capable of defending their clients on a variety of fronts and will seek out the solution without floundering or procrastinating.

Competence is more than just the knowledge one has of criminal defense, it also includes the practices that go into defending one’s client in every possible way. Your lawyer should be confident, sure of their strategy, and always aware of what is coming next in the case.

Baltimore criminal defense attorneys should also be easy to contact since they will communicate with you frequently. Make sure your lawyer provides you with all of the ways you can contact them and gives you their schedule. If you can’t reach your lawyer multiple days in a row and you don’t know why, they’re not the competent criminal defense attorney you need.

The Best Criminal Defense Attorneys Won’t Show Bias

teen therapy and mentorsThe best criminal defense attorney will not be swayed by the nature of their client’s crime but will offer the best criminal defense possible. There is no place in the courtroom for personal bias when a criminal case attorney is expected to defend their client. The best lawyers will disregard their personal feelings while attempting to make a case in their client’s defense and will perform to the best of their ability to ensure that the client is given the best defense possible. As a client, you should never feel judged by your lawyer, you should only feel well represented.

If you ever feel any doubt about the lawyer you are working with, trust your gut. If your lawyer overly boasts about their beliefs in a way that makes you feel your case is in jeopardy, seek different representation.

Criminal Defense Attorneys are Diligent in Their Work

Learning to be a Criminal Defense AttorneyAll clients should expect that the criminal defense attorney they hire will perform research, gather evidence, and question pertinent witnesses and authorities as to the particulars of their case. The best lawyers are those that are well-informed and are able to present a case that will stand up to the prosecution. Defending you in a capable manner comes down to doing every task needed before the court date rolls around. Criminal case attorneys are expected to compile as much evidence and testimony as possible in order to be fully aware of how best to defend their clients.

Your Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorney Should Be Motivated By the Cause

dui attorneyThe best criminal defense attorneys are not motivated solely by the promise of a paycheck. Those that are dedicated to their work and are out to grant the best criminal defense possible are those that are motivated to see justice done and to ensure that the people who retain their services can trust them. This is especially important for Baltimore criminal defense attorneys, since Baltimore has such a high rate of crime, and the local lawyers should be dedicated to reducing that crime.

The reputation of being a trusted criminal defense attorney is also a great motivator for many individuals that are attempting to become both known and respected in their field of expertise. You should feel that your attorney stands by you because they want to help you, not because they want to get paid for their time by putting in the least amount of effort.

How do you know your defense attorney is invested in you and not your credit card? The best criminal case attorneys will ask questions and then listen to what their client has to say. Those that talk over you and continue to speak more than they listen are a bit frustrating and may not be the right match. Make sure your lawyer listens and doesn’t make assumptions and understands your case thoroughly.

At the End of Your Consult, You Should Feel Confident with Your Criminal Defense

Finding a good criminal case attorney isn’t that difficult, but finding one that can best serve your needs and your budget is important. You should know what to avoid in a lawyer and should feel free to ask questions during the consultation process before officially hiring anyone.

There are plenty of great criminal case attorneys, and many of them are capable of giving the best criminal defense possible, but for every great lawyer, there are at least six or more that you’d do well to stay away from. Make sure to meet with multiple attorneys before you move forward, and look for our tips to ensure you’re working with a good lawyer to help you with your case.

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