When Do You Need to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

When Do You Need to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, you may find that the road to justice becomes just as chaotic as the accident its self. If you find yourself dealing with a possible insurance scam or questioning whether your rights were violated in any way, it is crucial that you have a skilled motorcycle accident attorney on your side.

Hiring your own attorney is the most vital step in holding the other party accountable and getting compensation for the damages you deserve. But after experiencing a motorcycle accident, you might quickly become overwhelmed with all of the information around you: your medical bills, physical therapy appointments, suing the insurance company – all very difficult to navigate.

That’s why we have created a guide to help you determine when it is time to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer.

But First: What Can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Do for You?

When you have been seriously hurt in an accident, the last thing you can afford to worry about is hiring an attorney. But only a lawyer can tell you if you are entitled to compensation, especially if you are the victim.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you recover what you need after these accidents – money for medical bills, time lost at work, compensation for pain and suffering or wrongful death of a loved one, and recovery funds to repair your bike.

In other words, a motorcycle accident attorney can be the difference between a quick settlement and years of court battles.

The Best Time to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

One of the top priorities after a traffic crash is to determine who was at fault – the other driver, you, or both of you. There are also many factors that determine the compensation you will receive. So, if you were injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to know when you need to hire a motorcycle accident attorney.

1) If you think the insurance company is deliberately causing you trouble

stop being frustrated with accident claims and hire a motorcycle accident attorneyInsurance companies can sometimes attempt to frustrate you, so they can place the burden of blame upon you. So, if you feel as though you are being bullied into signing any kind of document that is not in your best interest, it is advised that you contact an experienced motor accident lawyer immediately.

A good motorcycle accident attorney can make sure you get a fair settlement. They can quickly recognize that you are being bullied and then move forward with contacting the insurance company so they can help you through the process. In essence, they can be your first line of defense.

2) If the insurance company denies your claim

a denied claim from an insurance company may mean it is time to hire a motorcycle accident attorneyYour immediate response after being in an accident should be to file a claim to the insurance company. And although you would expect them to compensate you for your injuries or damage to your bike, you might not always get what you wish for.

The insurance company might have numerous reasons why they refuse to compensate you. No matter what their reason is, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney can help you appeal for the funds that you deserve.

Motorcycle accidents and injuries are quite complicated because each case requires specific details to be established. But your chances of obtaining compensation are much better if you have experienced legal representation from the beginning.

They can help you to gather evidence and prove that the other party was at fault. An attorney can also ensure that your case is accelerated and handled efficiently.

3) If there is more than one party involved in the accident

motorcycle accident where more than one party is at faultMost people who are involved in a motorcycle accident assume that it was their fault. In some cases, this isn’t true.

It can happen that the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident might be at fault for the crash. They may have failed to properly act and react to their surroundings or there might have been more than one party at fault in the accident.

And if there is more than one party to blame, it can be difficult to figure out who should pay for the damages.

In any case, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is a smart move. An attorney can look at the specific situation to determine who was primarily at fault and is, therefore, liable to pay for your damages.

An experienced lawyer will also be familiar with your state’s laws, offer ideas on how to negotiate a settlement, be aware of the insurance claim processes, and help effectively communicate with the insurance company.

4) When the motorcycle accident is fresh in your mind

hire a motorcycle accident attorney right away so they can help you collect evidence Getting in touch with a lawyer shortly after the accident can help them immediately gather evidence and contact the witnesses involved in the case.

All this may seem unnecessary at first. But as more time passes, it gets harder to win a case mostly because the facts of the case may get distorted by the witnesses’ memories or through other means.

So, the sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the better. They can also help you spot any evidence that may have been left behind on site of the accident, such as videos from security cameras or dashcams or even debris left on the road.

5) If the insurance company tries to record your statement

a motorcycle accident attorney in baltimore is only a call awayThe insurance executive will either come to you or will want you to come to them. Their job is to make sure the insurance company doesn’t have to pay out any money.

So, it is better for the lawyer from the firm representing your interests to speak with the insurance company representatives before they speak directly with you.

Besides, you must ensure to say no if the insurance company insists to record your conversation for accuracy purposes as you might end up giving them ammunition to use against you later on. You will be well within your right to refuse.

Those involved in an accident that was not their fault can often feel overwhelmed and won’t know what to do next. A motorcycle accident attorney can simplify the legal procedure and quickly help you out of a messy situation.

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