Why Should You Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

When you’re in legal trouble and facing drug charges or criminal charges, it is not the time to go it alone against the legal system. The best criminal lawyers work for you and fight for you. Although you may have done your research and think you can defend yourself in your own criminal case, the benefits of hiring an assault attorney or drug crime lawyer are numerous.

Check out our infographic to learn why it is important to hire a criminal attorney in Baltimore, Maryland, or any other state where you’re facing charges. Want more info? Ready our entire guide below.

Why Should You Hire a Criminal Lawyer Infographic

Criminal Attorneys Work Quickly

Time is of the essence with any criminal, drug, or assault charge you are facing. Any delay in gathering evidence, recording your side of things, or responding to other legal parties could cost you the case. In those situations, you may face hefty fines or even jail time.

Schedule a free legal consultation with a criminal attorney in your local area who is experienced in the type of charge you are facing. Any drug charge attorney or assault attorney will help you outline when and how you need to respond to the charges you are facing — and what you legally don’t need to respond to.

Having someone on your side who can handle the timeline and submit responses on time not only can protect you but also alleviates a drastic amount of stress when navigating a criminal charge.

Drug Crime Lawyers Have Existing Legal Relationships

criminal lawyers in baltimore provide you with supportProsecutors, judges, and criminal attorneys all have previous experience working with one another. These pre-existing relationships are invaluable when facing serious criminal charges. Your assault attorney will know how to talk and respond to each judge and prosecutor. Knowing how other judges and prosecutors work will allow your lawyer to help you formulate and plan and give you a realistic idea of your outcome.

If you’re facing criminal charges in Baltimore, MD or any other city, you want to work with a lawyer who knows the habits and preferences of each judge and prosecutor. It has extreme benefits to have someone on your side who knows the personality of various others in the legal system and can help you navigate them correctly.

You Want an Educated Assault Attorney or Drug Charge Attorney

Something criminal lawyers have that you lack is experience and knowledge. Attorneys have spent years learning the ins and outs of the law, especially in regard to criminal cases. Their thorough knowledge will allow them to argue on your behalf the exact letter and spirit of the laws.

Working with an inexperienced attorney instead of a knowledgeable drug crimes lawyer (or worse, representing yourself) means you may lose your case based on a lack of understanding the dynamics of the law. Additionally, the best criminal lawyers will cite previous cases similar to yours where there was a favorable outcome. Have someone on your side who knows the ins and outs and can focus on applying that knowledge to your case.

Experienced Lawyers in Baltimore, MD Matter

drug charge attorneys are educated and experienced Not only does a criminal attorney have the education to argue your case, they should also have the experience. It works in your favor if your assault attorney has argued and won cases similar to yours in the same jurisdiction.

No matter how much you strive to learn about the law and your case, a criminal defense attorney will know what applications work in real scenarios. They will pull on their experience to illustrate relevant evidence and will know how to correctly showcase their argument to the judge. There can be no substitute for real experience when facing criminal charges and jail time.

Better Chance at a Reduced Charge with Drug Crime Lawyers

Think you’re eligible and have a right to a lesser charge? Experienced lawyers can help you with that. It’s not enough to lobby for a lesser charge because you think you were overcharged, you need a lawyer to back you up and argue the legal reasons why a reduced charge is more fitting.

Reduced charges can be helpful in avoiding jail time or paying a lesser fine. The key is to know when and how to ask for them. Your drug charge attorney can work with you and prosecutors to lower your charges and possibly get a plea deal, saving you time and money.

Gather Relevant Evidence with Maryland Lawyers

keep your job with an experienced criminal lawyerWhat evidence is relevant? What isn’t? Did you forget something? Is that admissible in court? These are all questions attorneys can help you with.

Regardless of whether it’s a drug charge or an assault charge, criminal lawyers can help you gather evidence in a timely manner and present it to argue your case. This is why hiring a criminal lawyer to work for you is so important: from the get-go they will help you save any and all evidence that works in your favor.

Save Your Job and Other Rights with a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal charges don’t only put you at risk for jail time and fines, but you risk losing your job in some criminal cases. You can help protect your job and other rights that may be at risk with an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer.

Your lawyer will help you fight your case and can help you maintain your innocence so you can protect your job. If this is something you’re worried about, discuss it during your free legal consultation so your lawyer can be prepared to fight for you on all fronts.

Evaluate an Officer’s Conduct with Experienced Lawyers

reduce your drug charge with a criminal lawyer in baltimore Lawyers have critical eyes and analysis experience to help them argue why or why not a police offer’s actions were lawful. This is critical in a criminal case and can oftentimes be the deciding factor in whether the charges against you are held up against the scrutiny of a judge.

Before anything, you want to work with the best criminal lawyer you can find who has experience reviewing the actions of the police. This type of assistance may protect you from any and all charges or fines and may allow your case to be thrown out or incur a reduced charge.

Gain Valuable Support

Going through a criminal case is exhausting and stressful. If you navigate this territory alone you may burn out or miss important deadlines. A lawyer can provide support, reassurance, and keep you on track when it is most important to do so.

In addition to seeking support from friends, family, and/or a therapist, your lawyer will also be a major resource to turn to. Their knowledge and experience can help alleviate concerns and they can coach you through the most difficult situations you’ll face battling a drug charge or assault charge.

Be Prepared for the Most Likely Outcome

dui attorneyLawyers are honest and upfront: they will tell you your most likely outcome when you’re facing drug charges or assault charges. This is extremely beneficial to help you find stability and plan a long-term outcome. You don’t want to go into any case thinking either too negatively or too positively.

Assuming you will get off scot-free and then being charged can be devastating; alternatively, if you don’t think you stand a chance, you may fail to prepare yourself correctly. A criminal lawyer will tell you exactly what they think your chances are of winning your case and will help you prepare the best approach that is realistically beneficial to you.

Stand a chance against criminal charges, assault charges, or drug charges with one of the best criminal lawyers in Baltimore, MD. Schedule a free legal consultation with your local lawyer to discuss your case, ask your questions, and learn what your outcome is likely to be.

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