What To Do After a Car Accident

A car accident is a very stressful situation to be in. No matter how many times you have been told, coached, or preached at, once you are actually in a car wreck, remembering what to do next can elude you.

We rallied our best of drunk driving lawyers, car crash injury lawyers, and Baltimore traffic lawyers to create this guide to give you step by step instructions on what to do when in a car accident in Baltimore, Maryland.

Steps to take at the scene of the car crash

You were just in a car accident and now is the time to take steps to ensure your safety and to protect yourself for future actions. Here is a step by step guide of what to do at the scene of the car wreck.

1.) If there are major injuries to any person call emergency medical responders.

Everyone’s health is the number one priority. If in doubt, call 911 and get medical professionals on the scene. Internal bleeding, concussions, and other nasty injuries can occur during a crash and if there is any possibility that someone needs medical attention, don’t hesitate to call for help.

2.) Call a Baltimore traffic lawyer

If there are no major injuries to worry about or the medical team has arrived, call your traffic lawyer. During an accident, everything goes very fast and it is extremely stressful. Calling a professional to walk you through steps will slow things down and relieve stress.

Your lawyer will also make sure you get all the information you need to during the process with regards to injury claims, insurance, and possible traffic violations.

3.) Gather All Important Information

You will want to start compiling evidence surrounding the accident. The first thing you should do is exchange insurance information with other car accident victims.

Second, you will want to get all the information from the police. Get the officer’s name, case file, and any other information they are willing to give.

Third, take photos of the cars and the scene before they move your car. Take photos from multiple angles and the surrounding area.

Lastly, get the information of any witnesses of the accident that you can. Most people will not wait around but some people who saw the events of the day may be able to get you their information so you can pass it along to your car crash injury lawyer.

4.) Move Your Car

Only after you have got all the necessary information above and permission from the police on-site, should you move your car. It is important not to feel rushed to get out of traffic. Leave the cars where they are, make sure everyone’s health and conditions are stable, take your pictures of the wreck, and get permission from the police before you even think about moving your car.

Steps to Take Following Your Car Accident


1. Get the right lawyer for your specific car accident case

You need to make sure that you have the right lawyer for your situation. Was there alcohol or illegal substances at play? Then you need to make sure you have someone who specializes in DUI/DWI cases. Your legal representation should reflect your situation.

Make sure to set up free consultations with law firms and ask about their experience in your specific case. There are lots of different situations: you are making personal injury claim, you lost wages, or there was a wrongful death. All require different types of car accident attorneys.

2.) Bring all the evidence you gather to your attorney

It is best to schedule a meeting at your attorney’s law office and go over your entire case from top to bottom. Lay out everything that happened, hand over your photos and eye witness contacts, and get a game plan you feel comfortable with.

You should let your lawyer know exactly what you are seeking or what you are up against. Any medical bills that stemmed from the accident should also be brought to your lawyer’s attention.

3.) Avoid contact with insurance companies

Your legal team should take over all communication between you and insurance companies. Remember it is the insurance representative’s job to settle quickly and for as little as possible. They have been trained to ask questions and get information that will help them reach their goals. That is why all communication should be directed to your Baltimore traffic lawyer. He is trained to get the best results for you.

It is important to remember even small traffic offenses can carry big ramifications in insurance cost, driving privileges, and determine the liability of the wreck. Making sure you are protected from yourself and let all communication flow through your legal representation.

Most Important Things To Remember During A Car Accident

  • Stay Calm
  • Get Medical Help
  • Call A Lawyer
  • Call the Police/File A Case
  • Gather Information
  • Only Move Your Car When Police Give The Okay
  • Let Your Lawyer Handle Everything Else


A car accident can be a traumatizing life event. Knowing what to do will not only protect you and your loved ones but will make the whole process much easier. Finding the right legal representation also goes a long way.

We have experience with case, trail, DUI/DWI, traffic lawyers, and much more for you at your disposal. So you can schedule a free consultation here to find out if we are a good fit for our needs.

If this post helped you out leave a comment below. If you feel like we missed anything or our information is inaccurate, feel free to let us know below!

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